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Caterpillar rated 16th best company to work for, which offers salaries and workplace reviews, conducted a survey that rated the best places to work. The top 20:

  1. General Mills
  2. Bain & Company
  3. Netflix
  4. Adobe
  5. Northwestern Mutual
  6. Whole Foods
  7. Google
  8. SAP
  9. Continental Airlines
  10. NetApp
  11. McKinsey & Company
  12. FactSet
  13. Boston Consulting
  14. Procter & Gamble
  15. Intuit
  16. Caterpillar
  17. Genentech
  18. CareerBuilder
  19. Apple
  20. Juniper Networks

Wow, above Apple. Can’t be long till we have a squashed-bug-yellow successor to the iPod.

The methodology of this “survey” is so unscientific that it’s value is purely for entertainment/bragging rights. But hey, we all eat ice cream cones despite their utter absence of redeeming nutritional value.

Glassdoor’s “how do you like your job” area is loads of fun. Wonderful (if predictable) contrast from Cat’s page.

“Caterpillar – Exporting Producs, Importing Revenue, a good place to call Home”
Senior Engineer in Peoria, IL (US)

“Don’t work here unless you want to be miserable in the middle of nowhere.”
Mechanical Engineer in Peoria, IL (US)

Hey, that’s my hometown you’re calling in the middle of nowhere, bucko. (Sez the guy living it up in sunny California 2000 miles away).

Glassdoor requires you to post a review to be able to read other people’s, an extra layer of effort that yields expressions of extreme contentment or bitterness, I suspect. Folks in the middle probably wouldn’t bother.

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