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Cat sponsoring reality TV show in Australia

Guess they want to make sure they don’t embarrass themselves before they try it out on the U.S. market:

The Compact Construction Range from Caterpillar, represented by Caterpillar of Australia, is set to debut on television’s main stage with the season launch of reality show ‘KingGee Jack Of All Trades’ in early January.

Pitting four contestants head to head in a series of building and landscaping challenges and tasks over eight fast paced episodes at a purpose built house at Silkwood Mt Cotton in Queensland, KingGee Jack Of All Trades will see the winner crowned Australia’s best tradie and the four bedroom house auctioned with proceeds going to charity.

As major sponsor, Caterpillar equipment is cast in a starring role with a range of compact machines to be used by the contestants, as well as providing the major home viewers prize – a 226B2 Skid Steer Loader or 301.8C Mini Excavator from the Compact Construction Equipment range.

You have to admit there’s something satisfying about construction work, especially when it’s being done by somebody else. The article notes the Cat equipment is largely joystick-driven these days so having to shove all those handles back and forth is a thing of the past (I’m sure this has been true for 20 years now, exposing how long it’s been since I’ve been in the vicinity of real work. I went to college to avoid that after a couple years machining parts for, you guessed it, Cat tractors).

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