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Greenville, S.C., officials say they weren’t told of Cat engine plant plans

The paper in Greenville, S.C, says local economic development honchos had no idea they were on the short list of finalists for the new Caterpillar engine plant to be built in Seguin, Texas. Cat received a $10 million incentive from a fund Texas set up specifically for instances where several states were competing for the same facility.

It does seem, shall we say, peculiar that Cat seems to have told the folks in Texas that Greenville was on the table but doesn’t seem to have mentioned it to, you know, the folks running the town where they might have actually built the plant.

But get this: The Austin American-Statesman says next to nobody in Seguin knew they had won the plant till Thursday’s announcement was aired.

Of course the job of local officials is to provide tax breaks and keep their yaps shut, except when asking “how high?” when told to jump, so everything is as it should be, I suppose.

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Tom Mangan posted at 11:21 pm December 19th, 2008 |

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