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The Energy Report has a great interview with Roger Wiegand, editor of Trader Tracks, on what’s happening in petroleum. One factoid buried deep down that I had never seen before:

Now, here’s something about oil that a lot of people don’t understand. We have been focused on Saudi Arabia and the Middle East as our top U.S. oil supplier. They are no longer the largest oil producer for America. The top supplier of crude oil to the United States is Canada.

Who knew? Also, Mexico’s biggest oil field is about to run dry; bad news for the government, which relies heavily on the revenue from this field. Read the whole thing, it’s full of juicy details about where commodities are going in the next few quarters.

Roger Wiegand usually charges a pretty penny for his expertise, so it’s nice get a freebie.

Incidentally, the Energy Report looks like a solid bookmark for energy-industry watchers. I also like the “Uranium Directory“; sounds like the name of somebody’s punk rock band.

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