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Ray Lahood next transportation secretary

Obama figures Rep. Ray Lahood, R-Peoria, must know something about tractors after all those years in P-Town. Or maybe holding his nose and picking a Republican (ooh, that’s a gross choice of words) is easier if it’s a nice guy from down the road.

One of the tasks awaiting the transportation secretary is helping to implement the vast public works projects that Mr. Obama has proposed to jumpstart the economy. A member of the Appropriations Committee, Mr. LaHood has experience overseeing – and spending money on – such projects.

Rep. Ray Lahood, retiring Peoria congressman.Mr. LaHood, who is retiring this year after seven terms in Congress, has represented Peoria and the surrounding area in downstate Illinois. Known for moderate views, Mr. LaHood belonged to the Republican Main Street Partnership, but first rose to prominence when he presided over the House impeachment vote against President Bill Clinton.

Mr. LaHood, 63, was elected to Congress as part of the 1994 class that gave House Republicans the majority for the first time in nearly a half-century. A former state legislator and a senior congressional aide, Mr. LaHood became a leading bipartisan voice in an increasingly polarized Congress.

Cat machines build the road, we Peoria guys stand in the middle of it.

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