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Today’s close

Cat: 42.61, up 0.45 (1.07%) from yesterday’s close.

Up 1 percent feels like a home run after yesterday’s wipe-out, but we close out the week basically where we started. Though after the autumn we had, unchanged isn’t so bad either. Overall the markets yawned at news that President Bush had OK’d a bailout plan for the Big Three.

Quiet day credit: bigcharts.comCredit:

Quiet day

Cat’s numbers:
Open: 42.72
Close: 42.61
Day’s range: 41.91-43.17
Volume: 13,070,940

The Indexes:
Dow: 8,579.11, -25.88 (0.30%)
Nasdaq: 1,564.32, +11.95 (0.77%)
S&P 500: 887.88, +2.60 (0.29%)

A modest rise on modestly rising volume is nothing to complain about in this market. And maybe next week there’ll be a Santa Claus rally, eh?

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