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Today’s close: Up 1.93%

OK, so maybe the Santa Claus rally showed up a day late. A quiet Friday that saw no further collapse of oil prices seemed to spread a bit of cheer through the markets.

Closing numbers

Say thanks to Santa Credit: Credit:

Say thanks to Santa

  • Wednesday’s close, 41.91
  • Today’s open, 41.98
  • Range: 41.90-42.91
  • Close: 42.72 +0.81 (1.93%)
  • Volume: 2,840,015

The Indexes:

  • Dow, 8,515.55, +47.07 (0.56%)
  • S&P 500, 872.80 +7.38 (0.85%)
  • Nasdaq, 1,530.24 +5.34 (0.35%)

Tough to say what today’s numbers mean with such light volume. The ugly numbers on retail sales didn’t seem to bug the markets too much, which is a small ray of sunshine.

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