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Don Fites named to Hall of Fame

Last time I lived in Peoria, Don Fites was the man every UAW member loved to hate. Now he’s been voted to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers Hall of Fame.

“We are pleased to continue the tradition of recognizing individuals whose vision and leadership have contributed greatly to the growth and strength of our industry and of our quality of life. Our inductees this year represent some of the most influential minds in the history of construction and equipment manufacturing,” stated AEM President Dennis Slater.

Don made a lot of people mad back in the day, but the company got stronger because he had the nerve to go toe-to-toe with his unions, unlike the Detroit automakers.

Speaking of people Fites made mad: here’s a lengthy diatribe against CEO pay and their illusory salary cuts from the Working Group on Extreme Inequality. (At first blush this group sounds like the usual capitalism-hating suspects going after fish-in-a-barrel topics, but I can’t help wondering — as does any stockholder with a pulse — how much genuine return we get on paying individuals millions of dollars a year).

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