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Today’s close: down 1.77%

Pathetic December car sales didn’t punish the markets all that badly, though profit-taking on Caterpillar was a bit more extreme than the broader indexes.

Closing numbers

So long, Santa Credit: Credit:

So long, Santa

  • Friday’s close, 46.91
  • Today’s open, 46.90
  • Range: 45.81-47.12
  • Close: 46.09, -.82 (-1.77%)
  • Volume: 11 million

The Indexes:

  • Dow, 8,952.89, -81.80 (-0.91%)
  • S&P 500, 927.45, -4.35 (-0.47%)
  • Nasdaq, 1,628.03, -4.18 (-0.26%)

A bit troubling for the bulls is that Cat’s back to its normal volume range and closed near its low for the day. You’d think if everybody was so gall-durned optimistic about Cat’s prospects, a volume boost might’ve sent the shares higher.

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