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Today’s close: Down 1.86%

Friday's close, Jan. 9, 2009If you believe the year’s first week set’s the tone for the next 51, you might not want to be stocks in 2009. Caterpillar, among the companies best-poised to rebound when good times return, took an eight percent drubbing from last Friday’s close (46.9) to today’s (43.20). Cat’s chart for the week is courtesy of Yahoo Finance.

A couple slivers of good news in today’s action: Cat rallied off its daily low on below-average volume. We didn’t see the worst outcome: selling off into the close on above-average volume.

How the broader averages fared: Dow, down 1.64%; Nasdaq, down 2.81; S&P 500, down 2.13. More at Market Watch’s daily wrap. The dip in the Nasdaq worries me the most; it’s almost impossible for the market to rally with out the techs along for the ride.

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