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Today’s close: Down 4.22%

Caterpillar close, 1-23-09Caterpillar stunk up the stock market at the open after Komatsu’s ill tidings compounded yesterday’s CNH gloom. The bulls went shopping when Cat dipped below 36 and they managed to run the shares up to near yesterday’s close. Then they got sheepish about holding Cat over the weekend and sent things back to the deep end. A disenchanting close to yet another downward weekly grind (39.55 at last Friday’s close to 35.66 today), subtracting another 9.8 percent from Cat shares. Full quote at Yahoo Finance.

Broader markets were mixed: Dow, down .56%; Nasdaq, up .81; S&P, up .02%. Wrap-up at Market Watch.

Volume on Caterpillar was a hair-raising 22 million shares — double the average. That could mean we’re nearing a selling climax, or it could just be everybody rushing for the exits. Tune in Monday, there’s gonna be fireworks.

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