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Today’s close: up .46%

Whiplash cures must’ve been flying off the shelves Thursday: Caterpillar opened down and dived deeper, till the prospect of free billions from the federal government sent the ticker marching back into the green in the late afternoon, when a few decided to cash in whatever easy profits they’d accumulated. (Like there’s any such thing as easy money in this market.) Full quote at Yahoo Finance.

Broader markets ended up in the green. Dow, up .15%; Nasdaq, up 1.49%; S&P 500, up .13% Today’s wrap at Market Watch.

I’m tempted to dismiss today’s action as a headline-driven distraction from what ails the markets. Cat’s volume fell notch from yesterday to 15.4 million, still considerably above average. I’m thinking there will most likely be some kind of Obama bounce next week, so we may be seeing a preview.

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