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Amusing: Crooks’ attempt to steal Cat excavator gets them busted

Newsday reported this gem today about a bodacious ring of heavy iron thieves:

The theft of the Caterpillar in Yonkers last July, however, proved to be their undoing, as the suspect at the wheel of the $250,000 piece of equipment crashed into an overpass, sparking a multicar accident, authorities said.

The Caterpillar kept going, but when a suspect later sought replacement parts for the damage, he was captured on surveillance video, giving investigators one of the clues used to indict 14 suspects.

The group made its money selling stolen cars – including Porsches and BMWs – and construction equipment in several eastern states as well as in the Dominican Republic, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

“Some people smuggle jewelry out of the country,” Kelly said. “Other people smuggle Caterpillars and Hummers and large construction vehicles. The suspects made up for lack of finesse with sheer audacity.

I guess the consolation during your stretch at Sing Sing is the admiration of your peers.

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