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Today’s close: up .21%

There wasn’t much spring in Caterpillar’s step today, considering the magnitude of yesterday’s sell-off, but things could’ve been far worse, considering that oil futures dipped into the $35-and-change range. Full quote at Yahoo Finance.

Major indexes arrived for work today, but didn’t get much done. Dow, up 0.64%; Nasdaq, up 0.38%; S&P 500, up 0.8%. Wrap-up at Market Watch.

Cat’s volume was about 18 percent below average at 10.4 million … could that signal relief from the punishing volatility of late? We can only hope. Word arriving late in the afternoon that a stimulus package agreement is at hand produced barely a whimper. Feels like we’re sitting at a pivot point; I have no hunches where thing are going, so it’s better to keep my yap shut at the moment and be suspected of idiocy than to say something that removes all doubt.

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