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Woodward Governor bracing for impact of Caterpillar layoffs

Woodward Governor (ticker: wgov) gets a sizable chunk of its engine-controls business from Caterpillar. This story in the Coloradoan (the company’s based in Fort Collins) outlines what the company’s up against:

“We saw the downturn coming,” Gendron said. “The severe reductions at Caterpillar … we didn’t predict that. It gets our attention, and we have to see what that means. Caterpillar is a very large customer.”

The story also notes something we saw in a previous post about a small Cat supplier in Michigan: people are getting more business building wind-power systems.

Can’t help wondering how long before we hear about Cat getting in on the wind-power act. (Note, it does have a wind-powered plant in Northern Ireland.)

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