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What actual Caterpillar users think of its equipment

I posted a few questions about Caterpillar from an investor’s perspective at Heavy Equipment Forums and got some insightful replies. What really, truly sets Cat apart from the crowd? It’s not the paint color or the triangle-shaped tracks.

SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE. Cat’s got the dealer network and parts stores to keep their equipment serviced and running when down time costs money that matters most. Their field service and support fleet is unrivaled.

CAT has become the gold standard. When reading parts or service specs its not unheard of to see the term “CAT or equivalent.”

What’s the first thing Cat should do to improve its stock price?

That’s one of my pet peeves about corporate America in general: too much pressure from the shareholders wanting instant gratification with ZERO foresight into the future. Right now I think Cat should be focusing on INNOVATIONS and improvements to the existing product catalog. There’s not a whole lot they can do besides try to stem losses in the current economic climate.

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Tom Mangan posted at 7:27 am February 11th, 2009 |

Thanks to the folks at Yahoo’s Cat discussion board

Just thought I’d send a link to Yahoo’s discussion board for Cat’s stock.

Discussions are polite and you can pick up lots of insights about what’s happening at the company, including from a few folks who work there.

And they’re driving most of my traffic right now, so they are all my new-found best friends.

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Tom Mangan posted at 10:40 am December 18th, 2008 |