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Journalism organization profiles Cat Stock Blog, Web site of the Poynter Institute, interviewed me about the doings here. Bill Mitchell, who runs the institute’s Web site, thinks this kind of site might be just the thing to keep out-of-work journalists from resorting to a life of crime.

Much of it is about the nitty-gritty of attracting an audience who will click on ads that generate enough revenue to keep a roof over one’s head. I would note that you might have a long row to hoe if you try this: I’m averaging 130 visits a day right now; that needs to be 13,000 for this blog to become a paying proposition. (Which means, for the 14,243rd time, if you like what you see here, the best “thanks” you can provide is to encourage all your friends to stop in as well. I won’t resort to begging for money unless things get really, really bleak.)

Incidentally, it turns out there are more blogs about companies than I previously estimated: A very cool one is Starbucks Gossip, created by the blogging pioneer Jim Romenesko.

One thing you’ll notice: lots of people commenting. Which means anybody can do it. My comment system requires an e-mail address, but the address doesn’t have to be valid. You don’t have to use your real name either.

For a blog to work, its audience has to fill in the blanks in the blogger’s knowledge. Mine are as wide and deep as Colorado’s Royal Gorge (you can bungee-jump into the chasm of my ignorance — how’s that for a metaphor?)

So, c’mon, it’s more fun if more people play along.

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Tom Mangan posted at 8:32 am January 23rd, 2009 |