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Caterpillar news: my RSS feeds

I cruise these RSS feeds for news on Caterpillar Inc. Each of these links is to the actual feed rather the Web site. (Still not up on RSS? Get the details and get in on the fun; it allows scanning dozens or even hundreds of sites for news bits in minutes so you don’t have to load the whole web site in your browser to find the newest stuff there.)


  • All Newsfeeds: Mostly press releases hawking new equipment, but major announcements of earnings, financial filings and employment like layoffs also show up here.

Search engines

  • Google Blog Search: Searches on “caterpillar” so you get a few hits about fuzzy wormy critters.
  • Google News Search. Since it’s news, the fuzzy-critter quotient is lower. Good place to find news about local employment-related reports.
  • Yahoo! Finance Blogs: Searches on; doesn’t generate all that much traffic.
  • Yahoo! Finance News. All the main news headlines will show up here, plus some links to investment-related sites.


  • Twitter Search: Good place for links to news as it’s breaking.
  • StockTwits: Twittering stock traders discuss Cat; light traffic now but could grow with Twitter’s popularity.

Trade magazines


Financial sites

  • Market Watch. Passable at best, but it might have occasional unexpectedly good links.
  • Motley Fool. If you can stomach the constant pitches for Foolish merchandise, you can find many good stock-related tips here.


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